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Athermal FBG Filter

With the development of DWDM systems, high isolation channel is necessary to avoid crosstalk. Based on Raysung’s FBG, our  athermal  DWDM FBG filter features for flat top response and a steep roll down spectral range, which is available in an individual package or combined with multiple filters to form a complete add/drop module. The specifications for Raysung's Athermal DWDM FBG filter are listed  in the tables below.

- Low insertion loss
- Athermal package
- High channel isolation
- Accurate ITU grid
- Excellent long-term stability

- DWDM system 50/100/200 GHz in fiber narrowband signal filtering
- OADM module, mux/demux
- Wavelength selection or  rejection filter 


Reflection Band Center Wavelength RangeC&L Band
Reflection Band FWHM Bandwidth10GHz~200GHz
Reflectivity at Reflection Band>50%~99.9%
Adjacent Channel Isolation>15dB.>20dB

Pass Band Insertion Loss(Without connector)

Center Wavelength Thermal Dependence<1.0pm/°C
TerminationBare fiber or connector
Operation Temperature-5°c~70°c
Storage Temperature-45°c~85°c
Package DimensionΦ8mm*89mm