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Raysung Released New Product: FTTH Filter


Raysung released new products -  FTTH filter, the cost of which is reduced by 1/3 comparing with the similar prodcut in the market. It will become massive production in October, 2012.

About Raysung:
Founded in 2005, Raysung Photonics is located in the Shaanxi Xian Export Processing Zone, China and is specialized in manufacturing Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG), FBG filter and lensed fiber. The company is committed to research, design and production of these products, which are widely used in the devices of optical communication, optical sensing and laser, etc. With rich experience in photoelectric area, extensive engineering expertise, as well as advanced technology and equipment, Raysung is dedicated to provide customers with high-quality products and optimized proposals. For more information, please visit