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Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG)
   Uniform FBG
   Apodized FBG
   Chirped FBG
   Double Clad FBG
Lensed Fiber
FBG + Lensed Fiber Turn-key
FBG Mirrors for Laser Cavity
OTDR FBG Reflector
Pump Laser Wavelength Locker
Athermal DWDM FBG Filter
Polarization-Maintaining Patchcord
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Uniform FBG [Click to download PDF file]


 Features:                                                                    Applications:

       - Various options of fiber type, wavelength,                      - Pumping laser wavelength locking

         reflectivity, bandwidth, etc                                                  - Fiber sensor

       - Athermal package available                                             - Fiber filter   

       - High reliability                                                          


(Reflection spectrum)                              (Transmission spectrum)  

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